Come and let us speak of many things. I have diverse interests, and here I’ll share a few of them with you. Select from the sites listed below to see what I have to offer a mind such as yours.

Perhaps you have come seeking knowledge of the world of computers and coding. I am a developer by trade, and by hobby, and take joy in writing code, both good and bad. Is that what you seek? Then go forth and enjoy the wisdom of

Barret’s Dev Blog

Are you a gamer? Do you love a good session of Pathfinder or D&D? Roleplaying games are in my blood. It doesn’t get much better than sitting around a table, hurling fireballs and cleaving foes in two with a great sword. If that’s your style, then check out

GameMaster Barret

One of my favorite hobbies is model railroading. I love trains. All trains. There’s just something fascinating about the great steel beasts riding the rails of the world. Be it models, prototype or digital, if trains are more your style, check out

Barret’s Trains

I’ve always loved writing. My mind has always been filled with such amazing stories and tales of adventure. But in my younger years I seldom shared, or even saved, my creations. I was too scared of what others might think of what my mind would create. As I’ve grown older, I’ve begun to realize that I don’t really care what anyone thinks about what I create. So, I’m starting to share some of the things I am writing. Check out some of my creations at

Barret’s Fiction